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Trikanoid is a modern remake of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s, and have won numerous awards
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3 February 2013

Editor's review

During 1980’s computer games started to evolve and had in fact took many teenagers as well as adults by surprised as to what computers can do. Teenagers at that time are now probably in their 40s and 50s might still remember those days and how exciting and fun it was to touch the computer and play games in it. And not to mention the popular Arkanoid arcade game that became so popular that people poured in bets to win or lose the games. Well the same game now has advanced with similar gameplay but embraces varied other modern features and comes up as Trikanoid 1.2. It is filled with all sorts of amusing graphics and dynamic traits which bring up gaming scenario alive.

In this game too, like previous Arkanoid game, you have to break bricks using a ball that is given to you. Make sure the ball remains in the gaming region and use the tray and do not let it fall out of the area. Unlike the ancestors of it, this game actually is blessed with stunning graphics that seems like alien world blended with Mayan civilization. There are 33 different levels with each of them packed with excitement and pure pleasure. Through the course of the game you are going to find amazing lots of powers such as multiple balls for breaking the bricks, fireball etc. The last stage is where you have to fight the monster known as Doh to win the game finally. Baring the graphics another striking feature it has is its amazing audio effects. There are eight different soundscape and music score respectively plus posses voices, sound effects that can pull you like anything.

Trikanoid has much more in it, and to experience it, all you have to do is play it. The game comes for free and certainly is laudable for 4 stars that actually can revive the gaming paradigm around you.

Publisher's description

Trikanoid is a modern remake of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s
All features of the original is included, like all power-ups, the annoying but sometimes useful aliens and such.
Since the main authors owned a ZX Spectrum back in time, emphasis has been put on implementing some of the uniqueness of the ZX Spectrum implementation that were released for this machine. Instead of making a true nostalgically remake (Monochrome graphics, synthetic sounds), the aim of Trikanoid was to implement the same idea on modern computers of today.
Trikanoid features the following:
- 33 different levels
- End of game monster (Doh) at level 33
- Lots of power-ups
- Stunning graphics
- Different background for each level
- Animations
- Graphical effects
- High quality music
- 8 different in game music scores
- 8 different in game soundscapes
- 4 additional scores, for menu, game won etc.
- Gripping sound effects and voices
-A cool old school intro to the game
- Lot of other goodies
The game has received very favorable reviews, and won numerous awards praised for its playability, graphics, overall impression and quality.
Version 1.2
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